To guarantee an optimal quality of service,
Monaco Private Security is committed to


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is fundamental for Monaco Private Security, whether it be for the environmental, social and ethical issues of its activity.
CSR is the guarantee for Monaco Private Security of the loyalty of its employees and clients, in order to grow sustainably.

Monaco Private Security places the human aspect at the center of its concerns and gives a privileged place to the moral aspect of its operations.

This policy is paying off since the turnover of Monaco Private Security teams is particularly low, at around 5%. Monaco Private Security thus guarantees its clients contact with trusted agents.



  • The implementation of the Quality Management System has led to certification since 2013 by the “A.M.A.F.: Association Monégasque des Activités Financières”. Its renewal in 2018 was successfully acquired after the Global Audit of A.P.S. RISK. * These results underline the involvement of all Monaco Private Security’s teams in the process from management to operational teams.
  • G.S.O.P GUARDING STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE: prevention plan, support including all technical specifications, safety and regulatory specificities of each partnership.
  • QSAP Quality Safety Assurance Plan, a tool which ensures a double function:
    Matrix of customer requirements and Monaco Private Security documents meeting this requirement,
    Regulatory, safety and training aspects for each site.


Monaco Private Security is concerned about its environmental impact and is therefore committed to:

  • Reducing energy and fuel consumption: regularly renewing the vehicle fleet, optimizing the information systems dedicated to measuring performance, analyzing data by the steering unit, planning internal training courses in rational and responsible behavior with regard to energy.
  • Optimizing flows: improving travel routes in order to avoid parasitic kilometers, optimizing the missions entrusted to service providers in order to obtain the best efficiency ratio in terms of intervention time.
  • Implementing additional green actions that constitute environmental assets: selective sorting, monitoring the products used, guaranteeing risk control by complying with regulations.