Installation of professional video surveillance systems

Monaco Private Security advises its client in global protection with the implementation of high-performance security systems: installation of anti-intrusion alarms, remote surveillance, biometrics and access control as well as the implementation of professional video surveillance systems. Specialized in the installation and maintenance of anti-intrusion alarm systems, our teams support our customers in the study of their needs, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of security systems. Our solutions are particularly adapted to the reinforced protection of professional installations in the banking sector, the luxury sector and the protection of exceptional residences.

  • Primary and secondary residences
  • Stores or commercial establishments
  • Banking establishments
  • Public authorities
  • Building sites

As a security professional, Monaco Private Security is involved in the installation of access control and biometrics in Monaco. Access control allows the client to limit access or use of a particular area according to predefined parameters. This security system is used to determine the access rights of vehicles and/or individuals authorised to enter a location or handle a defined computer terminal or PC.

The customer is supported and trained in the use of the hardware during deployment for immediate implementation.

Monaco Private Security can also help you make the transition from copper to optical fiber (globally carried out in the Principality), by changing your equipment or installing a converter box (if eligible).